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Q: What is an estate sale?

Having an estate sale is a great way to liquidate a family estate and personal belongings or get rid of unneeded items when downsizing or relocating your business. Your estate sale would be held in the home or business, and the public will be given the opportunity to purchase any items priced for sale.

Q: Why should I consider having an estate sale in Southwestern PA?

Common reasons for needing to hold an estate sale include divorce, downsizing or relocating a business, providing guidance to an Executor of a Will, moving, death of a loved one, relocation of a family member to a retirement community, nursing or assisted living facility.

Q: Why should we hire Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC (BLS Estate Sales)?

We will give you complete peace of mind knowing that we will provide professional estate sale services in Southwestern PA with minimal disruption to your life.  Our professional, knowledgeable estate sale and liquidation company will make the experience as simple and pleasant as possible for you.

Q: What if I live out of state? Can Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC still handle my estate sale in SWPA?

Yes we can! Ask how we can help facilitate your estate sale regardless of where you are.

Q: How many days will Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC hold my estate sale?

Usually 2 or 3 days is best.  It depends on the size of the estate sale and the amount of contents available for sale.

Q: What days are best for holding my estate sale?

Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC normally holds estate sales on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, but it depends on the estate sale size and amount of contents.

Q: What will be I charged by Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC to handle my estate sale?

We work strictly on commission, which means NO up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you! Our commission rates are based on the percentage of total sales from liquidating the estate. Commissions will be determined once we have an on-site consultation with you.

Q: When will I be paid? After the estate sale has concluded?

Depending on the size of your estate, our records are normally reconciled the first Monday following the last day of the sale.

Q: Does Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC (BLS Estate Sales) have business insurance?

Yes, we are completely bonded and insured! Proof of bonding and insurance is available upon request.

Q: Will I have to help set up for my estate sale or provide any items for staging the estate sale?

No way! We handle all that for you and make sure everything is set up for a successful sale.

Q: How will you advertise my estate sale?

Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC will market your estate sale on this website and on other estate sale websites; email blasts; posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Craigslist; ads in local major newspapers; and signs in the neighborhood where the home is located.

Q: What happens once we sign an estate sale contract with Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC?

We will organize the estate contents for you and separate out all the merchandise to be sold. We may move furniture, set up tables, clean up merchandise, tastefully display similar items together, and tag items with prices and details. The more valuable items will be most prominently displayed toward the entrance of the home for higher buyer visibility. Photos will be taken of items for sale and posted as an Upcoming Sales on this site, other estate sale websites, and on social media. During the sale, our staff will be available to answer questions buyers may have, and to keep a careful eye on your merchandise.

Q: What happens if I want to sell some things for a certain price?

We will tag the items with "price is firm per client request" or similar statement.

Q: How do you price the merchandise to be sold?

We will price most items based on our experience, research, current selling trends, and will consult internet resources and our library of reference books.

Q: What if I have unique, rare, antique or vintage items for my PA estate sale?

We will consult with a licensed appraiser, at the client's expense, to determine the appraised value of the items in question.

Q: Should I start throwing stuff away?

No way! Once you sign a contract with us, you can take it easy.  Remember the old saying, one man's junk is another man's treasure? This still holds true! We will view the entire contents of the estate and decide what's "trash" and what's "treasure". If you plan to give things to friends and family, please do so before signing a contract with us, or shortly after.

Q: How will I know which items sold and at what price?

We will provide you with a detailed and itemized account of your sale which will show all items sold along with the sale price for each item per request of client with a fee. Normal items such as diningware, cooking items, food, cleaning products, toiletries, towels, sheets, toys, etc. will be grouped together into general categories with a combined sales price.  Rare/antique/vintage items will always be separately itemized. 

Q: What happens to unsold leftover merchandise from my estate sale in PA?

We will discuss with you whether you want to keep what's left or dispose of the leftover merchandise. You may wish to donate the leftovers to charity, or you have no preference, we will donate what's left to one of our favorite charities. We can provide the service of boxing up leftover items to be donated and make arrangements with the charity for pickup. And you'll get a tax-deductible donation receipt for tax purposes.

Q: Can I be present during my PA estate sale?

You can, but we prefer to not have clients present. When a client is present at the sale, the client's friends and acquaintances sometimes feel they should have preferential treatment, gain early entry, or get better deals. This can end up being a very awkward situation for everyone. Sometimes personal property can hold sentimental value for you, and it may cause emotional distress for you on the day of the sale. However, if you wish to be present at your estate sale we completely understand.

Q: What type of payments does Bradley Liquidation Services, LLC (BLS Estate Sales) accept?

Cash is the best form of payment! We do NOT accept personal or business checks.

If you have any other questions about having your estate sale in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Somerset, or Washington Counties in Southwestern PA, call 724-331-8914 or send us an email today!